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If you're wondering whether this coaching business is right for you, take a look at what other customers have said! Reading through client testimonials can give you a sense of the great experiences people have had with this product or service, and help you feel more confident in making a decision.



I’ve been training with Andy for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. Every workout program we have done together has been so logically thought out and his focus on form has helped with me with achieving greater gains with my lifts. My deadlift PR has double since I started working with him and I feel far more confident around weights at the gym than I ever had before. Thanks to his encouragement, I even participated in a powerlifting comp! Whilst you are guaranteed noticeable improvements in your workout goals, you’ll also be guaranteed Andy will give 110%. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen him without a smile on his face! I’ve been more than happy having him as a trainer and hope to continue working together to grow even stronger!


Andy has been a great coach from day 1. He's very patient and non judgmental which as a beginner in the gym was very important for me. He recently coached me through a powerlifting competition where he gave me great advice, both about the skills involved in powerlifting and how to prepare yourself for challenges. His knowledge is also very far reaching and comes from his own extensive experience and includes powerlifting, bodybuilding, calisthenics and general strength and conditioning. Overall, I would strongly recommend him as a personal trainer because of his knowledge, experience, and passion for what he does.



I've been training with Andy for just over a year, and within that time I have increased my squat, bench and deadlift by at least 20kgs. Andy doesn't just train his clients but motivates them both during his sessions as well as online to he the best they can be. He tailors his training to fit what his clients want/need and what they are most comfortable doing while also pushing his clients to overcome their barriers.



When starting my fitness journey with Andy I was able to some what navigate my way though the gym, however with his guidance I was able to take my training to the next level! He has a strong focus on form, injury prevention and strength progression.

His techniques greatly assisted me not only in muscle isolation but also had me pushing more reps and heavier weight than I thought I was capable.
With Andy’s versatile knowledge and and positive motivation I really felt like I was getting the most out of each session and more importantly had me mega hyped to pump! After training with Andy I am more confident in myself and my training than I have ever been!
Highly recommend Andrew as a PT for those who are new to gym or, like me, been going for years only to find I had A LOT to learn !


I’ve been training with Andrew for almost a year now, and the amount of progress I’ve made during this time has exceeded even my wildest expectations. He’s so dedicated to his clients, taking the time to program weeks in advance and provide advice on nutrition, all to make sure you hit your goals. He understands so well how to make sustainable, healthy progress and keep his clients motivated. He takes away a lot of the stress of coming into the gym, by giving structure, direction and feedback - it makes me feel so much more confident that I’m doing the right things the right way. I could not recommend him more highly!


Andrew is the most upbeat and cheerful person you will ever encounter in the gym. He never fails to show encouragement and passion for your progress in your fitness journey and always strives to push you to strive for bigger and better. All the while being extremely caring of your physical limitations and making sure you are 100% comfortable in what activities you may be performing. Andrew shows so much compassion and brings so much life with many smiles and laughs into your session. I will always be thankful for his help and support.


I have struggled with my fitness goals for years now, for various reasons, but it is only since i started training with Andrew that I feel i'm finally moving in the right direction. He understands my potential and pushes me hard to achieve more than I think I could in every session.
Andy builds up the workout plans with my strengths and preferences in mind all the while making sure that each session is challenging and draining at the same time. He is  one of the hardest working PTs around ,who is always ready to accomodate the sessions based on my schedule or how i might be feeling any given day. 


It has been 2 months of training with him and i can already feel the difference in my strength and endurance levels and my eating habits through his constant coaching and guidance.
Andy makes it a point to follow up after each session for feedback and uses that to work out the next plan. PT sessions with him have brought an astounding differences to my fitness journey. This is just the beginning although i wish i had starter sooner with him!


Training with Andrew has been a gem and a half. His constantly pushing for greatness and pulls that energy out of you also. He ensures that you're pushed to your limits, but in a safe and steady manner. Each session is one of the things I look forward to each week.

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